Mushrooming in Forest

We are Travis and Peter, mushroom enthusiasts and specialists. Our knowledge and experience with mushrooms in both Australia and Europe has been built up over many years and are an integral part of our heritage. For both of us, family foraging trips for wild mushrooms formed a memorable and exciting part of our childhood.


After spending too many years in the corporate sector, we set about founding Mushroom Emporium in January 2016. Our online based business began from a passion for mushrooms, mushrooming, pine forests, cooking, health and nutrition. We aimed to establish something that would have a positive impact on our lives, those around us and of course, our customers. The choice and quality of dried gourmet and medicinal mushroom products on the Australian market frustrated us. We realized that there was a gap for us to fill and we decided to source and provide a range of premium quality products.


We are passionate about our products. Everything we sell we use ourselves and also provide to our families and friends. Each of our own products is meticulously prepared and hand packed so you can be confident that you are getting quality when buying from us.


Thank you for visiting our website. We would like you to share our passion for gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. Take a look, read a recipe, browse our range of products and enter the wonderful world of mushrooms.


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