vegan pho with shiitake
snapper with shiitake

Humans have been cooking with mushrooms for thousands of years. Many different mushrooms formed a staple part of our hunter and gatherer ancestors' diets. 


Today, we enjoy mushrooms in a wide variety of dishes across many different cuisines. Mushrooms are high in protein and have very little carbohydrate and fat. As well as being rich in vitamins B and D, they are also loaded with minerals. Mushrooms are a flavoursome and nutritious meat alternative for vegans and vegetarians. 


Gourmet mushrooms are nothing like the cultivated mushrooms available in local supermarkets. They are prized by many chefs. The taste of any dish will be enhanced by a handful of these gifts of nature.

slippery jack and chanterelle muffins
quiche lorraine with morels
salmon pie with chanterelles

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