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Our mushroom books offer a great selection of delicious and nutritious recipes that compliment our gourmet mushroom range.


All our products are completely natural, free from preservatives, colours, flavours or any other additives 


Mushroom Cookbook - by Valerie Ferguson
This is a fabulous fungi feast for all seasons and occasions. You can make the most of this versatile ingredient in appetizers, fish, poultry, meat, vegetarian and side dishes. It includes stunning creations from Wild Mushroom Soup, Stuffed ... (Read More)
Mushrooms: A Book of Recipes by Helen Sudell
This is a wonderful collection of 30 recipes featuring the succulent taste of earthy woodland mushrooms. It features recipes from around the world including Wild Mushroom Risotto, Mushroom Samosas, Shiitake Mushroom Namul, Steak and Mushroom ... (Read More)
Shroom: Mind-Bendingly Good Recipes for Cultivated
The button mushroom better make room on the shelf. We're seeing a growing number of supermarkets displaying types of mushrooms that are leaving shoppers scratching their heads. Home cooks are buying previously obscure species from growers an ... (Read More)
The Mushroom Recipe Cookbook - by Steven Wheeler
The book presents an original collection of 60 dishes using fungi of all types, for every meal and menu. The introduction covers 30 varieties of mushroom, with preparation techniques. The delicious recipes include Mushroom Boreg, Creamy Fish ... (Read More)
The Ultimate Mushroom Book - by Peter Jordan & Ste
This authoritative guide offers essential, clear and practical information for accurate mushroom identification and is followed by 100 delicious ideas for how to cook your pickings. In section one, Peter Jordan describes the identifying feat ... (Read More)

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