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Shroom: Mind-Bendingly Good Recipes for Cultivated and Wild Mushrooms by Becky Selengut

The button mushroom better make room on the shelf. We're seeing a growing number of supermarkets displaying types of mushrooms that are leaving shoppers scratching their heads. Home cooks are buying previously obscure species from growers and gatherers at local farmers markets and adventurous cooks are collecting all manners of edible mushrooms in the woods. People are asking 'now that I have it, what do I do with it?' Home cooks and chefs alike will need a book and an educated guide to walk them through the basics of cooking everything from portobellos and morels to chanterelles and the increasingly available, maitake, oyster and beech mushrooms. The 75 recipes are inspired from Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisines, among others.


Hardback: 240 pages

Dimensions: 25.9cm x 20.8cm x 2.2cm

Publisher: Andrews McMeel; U.S.A; 11/09/2011 


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