Our premium quality dried mushrooms are wild harvested from pristine Australian, Canadian and European forests.

All mushrooms are meticulously picked, processed, packed and stored.



All our products are completely natural, free from preservatives, colours, flavours or any other additives 


Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms
Chanterelle (cantharellus cibarius) mushrooms are valued for their subtle balance of pepper, butter, apricot and earthy flavours which are contained and concentrated when dried. Traditionally used in French cuisine, they are best used to ... (Read More)
Dried Morel Mushrooms
Dried morel (morchella) mushrooms are highly prized by gourmet chefs worldwide. These elusive mushrooms have a unique, delicate and complex flavour that can be described as slightly smoky and woodsy with hazelnuts and nutmeg. Morels may be ... (Read More)
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Dried Porcini Mushrooms
Dried porcini (boletus edulis) mushrooms are a popular ingredient in European cuisines, particularly Italian. Their deep rich nutty and earthy flavour is enhanced when dried and fills the room with a smoky aroma. Add to deepen the flavour of ... (Read More)
Dried Saffron Milk Caps
Dried saffron milk cap or red pine (lactarius deliciosus) mushrooms are used in a number of European cuisines because of their meaty texture and umami flavour. The aroma and taste is contained and concentrated when the mushroom is dried. Add ... (Read More)
Dried Shiitake Mushrooms
Dried shiitake (lentinula edodes) mushrooms are a popular culinary ingredient in Asian cuisines. Many chefs prefer dried shiitake to fresh ones as they possess a deep savoury or umami taste. Shiitake have a rich and distinctive smoky flavour ... (Read More)
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Dried Slippery Jack Mushrooms
Dried slippery jack (suillus luteus) mushrooms are a highly regarded ingredient in central and eastern European cuisine. Their aroma and pleasant savory taste is contained and concentrated when the mushroom is dried. Our peeled slippery jack ... (Read More)

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