White Oak Tea


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White Oak Tea

The majestic and venerated white oak (quercus alba) stands tall and proud over regions of eastern North America. Their great size and impressive appearance makes these trees landmarks wherever they grow, and their wood is used for many purposes, such as tea brewed from the collected bark.


White oak has a long history of usage for a range of health conditions. It is known for relieving diarrhea as well as having anti-inflammatory properties, acting as an astringent and antiseptic for skin infections, burns, cuts and wounds. White oak bark is known as a strong natural source of vitamin B12, and minerals such as iron, potassium, cobalt and sulfur. Like many herbal teas, this bark offers several constituents, including pectin, flavonoids like quercetin, and as much as 15-20% tannins. Many of its properties are natural anti-oxidants, making white oak tea an excellent choice to add to your tea collection.


This earthy and subtle tea can be enjoyed on its own or with a hint of lemon or honey. Each unbleached tea bag is individually wrapped and contains 100% pure organic white oak bark. NET WT: 27g 


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